Colosseum SXM is a fitness facility established in 2018 by Katsiaryna Ozkan and Alan Schet to promote a healthy and active life style.

We offer a variety of classes and fitness programs such as CrossFit, Cardio classes, strength and conditioning, Martial arts, simplified functional fitness classes (CTP) and personal training.


Katsiaryna Ozkan

Katsiaryna is the CEO and co-founder of Colosseum SXM. As an entrepreneur with a penchant for health and fitness, Colosseum was the perfect addition to her already expansive resume.

Katsiaryna was born in the Republic of Belarus, while having traveled and lived all over the world, before making Sint Maarten her home in 1998. Physical activity, sports and athleticism run in her blood and family. Her sister, Darya Domracheva, is currently the most decorated female biathlete in the world and Katsiaryna equally shares the same passion for sport and fitness.

Over the years Katsiaryna has immersed herself in the sports of dance, tennis, yoga, CrossFit, and Olympic weightlifting. The latter three being those she is presently most active in. Since her first CrossFit Open participation in 2015, Katsiaryna has placed first in Sint Maarten four years in a row (2015 – 2018) and remains one of the island’s best female CrossFit athletes. In addition to her CrossFit trainings, she has also committed herself to high-level Olympic weightlifting over the past three years.

Additionally, Katsiaryna is always creating unique business concepts, especially if she can find creative ways to combine business opportunities in the areas of food, health and fitness. She has consistently honed her business savvy and knowledge of health and nutrition over the years and continues to expand on her knowledge in these areas. She is currently the founder and CEO of Arena Base Cafe, a company focused on finding the perfect balance between healthy foods and snacks without sacrificing taste, all while offering the service of convenient access to these facilities to its clients.

With her vision for health and fitness, the marriage between Colosseum SXM and Arena Base Cafe could not be more beneficial to the island and both companies’ clientele.

Alan Schet

Alan is one of the co-founders of Colosseum SXM.

He grew up with a passion for martial arts and bodybuilding.

In the Netherlands he studied Sport Service and Safety and soon after joined the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard in Sint Maarten.

Never losing sight of his passion he developed various training programs and helped many people reach their fitness goals. He became one of the instructors for the Coast Guard training course on the island of Curacao and has since accumulated many other training and coaching certifications.

As a person who loved Functional Fitness he quickly transitioned from bodybuilding to CrossFit in 2013 and never looked back.

He regularly competes in various regional competitions in the Caribbean and the United States. Thus far he has won 1 competition and has 3 top 5 finishes in these regional events. Additionally, he earned the title of ‘Fittest in Sint Maarten’ three years in a row.

When the opportunity arose to invest in and make Colosseum SXM a reality, he jumped at the opportunity. He aims to bring awareness to the population about the benefits of exercise and healthy living, and also aims to build young athletes for the future to represent Sint Maarten internationally.

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