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Our Nutrition

At Colosseum SXM we offer nutritional guidance and tips to our members.

We also facilitate meal plan and training packages through our collaboration with Arena Base Cafe. Arena Base Cafe offers weight loss meal plan packages, daily lunch orders, as well as catering. But also a wide variety of healthy rice-free sushi, poke bowls, gluten free breads and sugar free desserts, etc. No matter what your dietary preferences, restrictions or allergies are, Arena Base Cafe can cater to your needs. Whether you have diabetes or prescribe to a pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diet, there will always be options available.

Additionally, Arena Base Cafe offers an InBody composition analysis, which focuses on the percentage of fat, muscle mass, inflammation and body water. Based on results received from the Body Composition Analysis, an appropriate meal plan along with training options offered at Colosseum SXM is recommended to you. The partnership between the company’s aims to improve your daily life by working on your fitness, while simultaneously being supported by both the Arena Base Cafe  and Colosseum SXM Teams to ensure that your diet is beneficial to your training and vice versa. 

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